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Hey Guys!

Lots of news to tell!
Firstly,Erica from Winx Loveix would be joining us as Graphic Designer and Author!
Secondly, there are no more Winx news to publish:(
Thirdly, look at Stella's bio(from nick)
Stella is the Fairy of the Shining Sun, so it's no surprise that she draws her energy and powers directly from sunlight! With her fierce optimism, and her cheerful outlook, Stella is a ball of sunshine (when she's not making wisecracks)! No wonder she's BFFs with Bloom!
The thing about drawing her energy and powers directly from sunlight, that's completely NUTS. Okay, her powers are from the "shining sun", I know, but, if she is standing in a dark cave or something where is no sunlight? She gets powerless and faints? No offense, but it's so weird...

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