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Well, Layla got a new name: Aisha! And, she has been listed as the Fairy Of Waves?! I saw this on the Nickelodeon's Winx Website:
Aisha's got some serious waves! As the Fairy of Waves, Aisha is not afraid of diving headfirst into any challenge! She's fearless, athletic and always looking for the next adventure. Her special power? She can control liquids!
I thought she is suppose to be the Fairy Of Fluids or something?! And look what they wrote about Musa:
She may look like a dainty fairy, but this tomboy is ace at solving mysteries and understanding the evil plots set up by the Trix.
That explains it. My favourite Musa, is a tomboy?! I have read this before in Wikipedia but I don't believe them! Oh gosh...
And yes! There is finally a Winx English 3d adventure website!(taken from BelieveInWinx)

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