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Ahh! I have a flu and there's Maths test for tomorrow =(
And there's a new quiz in Nick's Winx!(Let's just call that, shall we?) Click on the picture to take the quiz!
The questions are really Easy Peasy! What do you get?:)
Here are the answers(I think):
3)Tecna(thanks to reading the comics!)
4)Music(? I don't know)
5)Bunny(duh. You will be totally NUTS if you don't know this -.0)
6)Alfea(AHHHH! Faragonda?!)
7)The Specialists
8)A princess
9)She makes him trip on soap

They sometimes change from 2) to 7) and here's the question:
Which of these is NOT one of The Trix witches?

Ans: Cloudy

My ermm... Award?

Take Again

You're a Fairy Expert!

Fairies rule! You followed in Bloom's footsteps by focusing hard and believing in yourself, and it all paid off! None of those tricky Trix witches could trap you with some ugly ogre! Give yourself a pat on the wings because you deserve it!
Watch the premiere special and re-live all your favorite Winx Club moments!
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Good news, Season 5 is coming!!!
Thanks to BelieveInWinx
We got a new affie, All About Winx!
The chatbox have changed to Chatango, so don't forget to chat and the bottom of TWCT!
Have you realised that I changed the name to TWCT | News? Because I'm going to make a very huge change to TWCT! Look out!*sneezes*

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