New Clothes for Winx Adventure

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Do you play Winx Adventure? You can download it and play! Here are the new clothes that have came out this week:

Elegant Pants, Two Pocket Shirt with Tie, Formal Pointed Shoes, Gold Glitter Clutch Bag, Leather Quilted Handbag, Tennis Shorts, Polka Dots Skirt, Glitter Party Dress, Romantic Roses Dress, Ice Cream Hair Clip, Arabian Tiara, Mini Jacket, Cosy Shawl, Glitter Party Sandals, Arabesque Boots, Tennis Jersey, Polka Dots Ribbon Top. 

UPDATES: Me and Erica is going to start a graphics site, called Winxified Love! We will tell you when it's ready!:)


  1. I can't wait to see your new blog:)

  2. Hi Brandy! I remember you told me you'll gonna make a blog about layouts. Are you gonna continue making that blog?


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