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Wow. 18 followers. Thanks a million!(Er...is this the second time I have said that or what...)We have a new affie, Alfea's Winx World! Now, straight to the point.

1) If it's Charmix in Season 1, what would it be in Season 2? What...Enchantix?!

2)If the Winx are gonna wear the Season 2 clothes, they are gonna wear EXACTLY the same thing for the other seasons?(Season 1, 2, 3, Secret Of The Lost Kingdom, and a little of Season 4)

3)Yeah, if Nick's gonna show Season 1 all over again, just how long do WE have to wait for Season 5?!:(((

Ahh...All this questions are making my brain go KABOOM!

...And Layla too...:D


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