~Surprise and News!~

Best Blogger Tips

Did you see the links at the side bar? That's the surprise! I really spent a LOT of time doing the blogs, so I hope you really like it, not glare and said "Eww...It's ugly!" Then, the other thing you may ask,"Where's Layla?" Hmm...I couldn't think of another page, so I didn't make Layla's page. If you go to the pages, each Winx also have her cursor! Courtesy of Grace Qute for them!

We got a new affie,

It's my Neopets guild in Webs form! Do visit it!

Lastly, here's a newsbite from BelieveInWinx!
Winx Nickolodean is coming to UK and Ireland on 24th September! Yea for you guys! =D
Also from BelieveInWinx
            Another thing, you know our affie, All About Winx? If you go to believeinwinx, they have exactly the same sign as them. I dont' know if this is right or not, but what do you think?


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