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Hey ok so while reading the latest issue of the Winx Club English Forum Magazine (I'm sure Brandeline mentioned it) I say them interviewing the VAs so I read on...
I am not going to look in on this to much.

So at the end of the interview they mentioned two new VAs.
The VAs are Brandon's and Darcy's VAs 

Brandon's VA is Sam Riegel who is know for his role as
 Ninja Turtle,Donatello

Darcy's VA is Jennifer Cody the interview also said that she was Darcy's VA in the 
4-kids version as well.I don't know if it is true because I am not a real fan of 4-kids version of winx.So I guess we were wrong they said none of the previous VAs were continuing who knew.

Thats all for now


  1. Don't trust that magazine for news. EVER.

    They were wrong about both of the VAs. In the Nick dub, Brandon's voice is Adam Gregory.

    Jennifer Cody is Darcy's voice in the Nick dub. In the 4Kids dub she is voiced by Caren Manuel. (I don't know why the writer for this segment would think they were the same, because they sound absolutely nothing alike)


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