Once again...0.o

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The Battle for Magix timing have changed to 12/11 c! Do remember, cos if you on it at the previous time, you would be like "oh crap"! -.-(I have such a lousy humour) And thanks to BelieveInWinx, it is possible that the time and date for Canada is:12:50pm and 2nd November! You may have noticed that I have taken off the old big Tweeter birdie off, because it's just to fat! And I have found some more Season 5/Winx Power pictures.
I think they are just fanart... Can you see the signature at the bottom left of the pic?
Lastly, the Winx Club community have released September's forum! (Thanks to Winx4life for the pic, I can't go to winxclub.com!)



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