More Season 5 Titles, Season 6, a new movie and bloopers?! :D

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Wah, haven't been updating! Anyway,s there has been new titles of Season 5 uploaded by IMDPro. The titles sounds crappy. When Season 4 was going to be broadcasted, there were many rumours. One of the examples would be here and here's the real one! One of the fraud titles on the fake episode page, look at episode 16's title!
"16. The Serenity Returns to Magix"

Was this also a hint? Anyway, here's the list of the Season 5 titles. Real or not? We don't know.  

7.  The Magical Union
8. The Sirenix Song
12. The Domino Ceromony
13. Crossing the Sirenix Gate
14. The Pillar Of Light
16. The Sun Shines Again
17. Fairies' Inspiring Eye
18. The Selkies Devourer
19. The Singing Whales
20. Love Problems
22. Listen Your Heart

And if you have not heard, Season 6 would be in Spring 2013!!! Thanks to WinxClubEpisodios for this! ==D

I was on Wikipedia when I saw this on the Season 5 section!
"This season will feature the first ever Winx Club blooper episode. It will feature bloopers since the series began."
 At the Theatrical films section, something caught my eye!
Winx Club: Christmas Adventure, releasing in 2013!

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