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Hey.... I hope you guys weren't surprised when you saw the title. 0.0 I'm just.... I'm officially closing this blog. I have given up on Winx. Yea, now I'm like an anime freak.. -.-" But don't worry you guys can still contact me through bloombelievix@live.com! I have also made a new blog and deviantart, so please visit! Trust me, I'm not the girl who once cared about how many hits or followers, I have changed. Of course, everyone changed.
See ya guys soon! :) Please note that for my deviantart, it's xVocaloidFan, not xVocaloidFanx. Thanx for everything!!!

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  1. Oh my god, if I hadn't decided to visit I would have never know that you closed the blog. But I guess I can't blame you, I'm losing interest by the second. Right now I'm more interested in reading books. Besides I in P6 this year so I think I'm going to follow your lead with my own blog. Oh and one last thing which Secondary School did you end up in?


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