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Hey all! Sorry I havent been posting anything lately, its because I had to study for my Math exam! On Monday, Winx club was broadcast on Nickelodeon! Sadly, I could not watch as Im from Singapore but good news! Theres still Winx in Singapore! Every weekend, 7.30 pm-8.30pm!
Heres the pic shown on Mon(taken from Winx-fairies)

Caity would be joining us soon!
Lastly, we have 2 new affiliates, Kawaii Winx and Grace Qute!Do visit her awesome blog!
P.S. Did you see Angelas new layout? Its awesome! :3


  1. really i am from singapore too and my blog is winxclubdiaries.blogspot.com and i under the stress of going to school in singapore but i am lucky i got all band 1 and i got full marks for my maths could you contact me u would really like to knoe you better i never thought that i would find another blog made by a singapore winx fan contact me through my email winxclubdiaries@gmail.com


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