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Here are the voice actress/actors for Nick! Thanks to Winx-fairies for giving me this info!

Keke Palmer-Layla
Romi Dames-Musa 
                                                  Molly Quinn-Bloom
                                                  Alejandra Reynoso-Flora
                                                  Morgan Decker-Tecna
                                                  Amy Gross-Stella
                                                  Elizabeth Gillies-Daphne
                                                  Matt Shively-Sky

Sorry if I haven't been uploading any Youtube videos as I have really NO idea how to download videos! I have heard of a new song and was thinking if it fits Winx, it would be fantastic! Please help!:(

I have made a gift for Caity. Hope it's nice!=D

Anyway,something caught my eye when I was reading Winx comics on the Internet!!!
It's a very old comic, but, there's something interesting: there was Tecna's father! I know that the Winx comics likes to makes things up and bla bla bla, but look!
Tecna's father has purple hair and is a king?!It doesn't makes sense and since we must know the truth, pray that season 5 is more about Tecna! I mean, see below.
Season 1-Bloom
Season 2-Layla/Musa
Season 3-Stella/Flora
Season 4- Roxy

It's not fair for Tecna!:)

Gtg soon!
P.S.I have deleted the Apply to be affies page and have edited the Guestbook! Do check it out!I have also included a Credits page



  1. Go here for some links :)

  2. Hey Kawaii as a Divina,

    I have checked the site and all the videos are not available!:(

    Many thanks,


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