Is this goodbye, Roxy?

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Okay. So apparently there's absolutely NO news about Roxy. Is she going to come out in Season 5? If you have seen the Season 5 trailer, when Bloom said "And me and my friends", Roxy wasn't included. Here are the possibilities why she isn't included inside Season 5:
  • Igioni Straffi forgotten all about her as he was to carried away with Nickelodeon.
  • Like everyone said, she went to study in Alfea with the other freshman students.
  • She didn't fit in an mermaid outfit.
  • Season 5 isn't about Gardenia and she got left out.
  • She became another Mirta.
What do you guys think? Or do you have anymore ideas why Roxy isn't mentioned? In my own opinion, I think she became another Mirta. :P


  1. Everytime they say that Roxy will be in season 5, I don't really believe them...........

  2. Actually I think it is because some people are still new to winx club and haven't season season 4 yet so they are not talking about Roxy to make her like a surprise...
    Plus the fact that she already has her believix powers I don't think she is going to start freshman year so she will probally go to advance classes and go on missons with the winx. Considering that I am watchng season 4 right now Bloom told her she is one of the winx!

  3. Actually, to be honest, I'm not really mad over Roxy. I think Roxy will only make some special appearances in Season 5. If Roxy also has the Sirenix transformation, it would be really cheating! Roxy would have Serenix without defeating the Trix, Valtor, and Darkar! Is that a little unfair? =(

  4. You don't have to defeat powerful enemies to level up

  5. I finished watching season 4 last night!
    Roxy doesn't even have believix yet; listen closely to the episode where they go fight Diana the fairy of nature(Earth Nature). Roxy wants to go with the girls but Bloom says it is too dangerous for a fairy without believix. My conclusion is that roxy has normal earth fairy transformation with has long wings(They look like believix wings, I understand the confusion)
    So I do not think she will get the serinix transformation. But I think Brandeline saying she will make special appearances is correct since she is a winx.

  6. One more thing... She did help defeat the wizards of the black circle one of the strongest enemies.

  7. Okay, thanks for clarifying, I hate this confusion -.-

  8. Ya every time I see a post I do as much research as I can I don't know why but I just do it! ^-^

  9. HI i am such i big fan of The Winx and most of all Roxy she reminds me of me If you go on Winx Club Wiki you will find many things and one of them is that Roxy is that Roxy is present in Season 5. If that is fake and she is not i will no longer watch the Winx.

  10. I don't think she will be in season 5,I did not see her on the video

  11. Hey Anonymous, don't give up on the Winx Club! If you have seen Season 1,2 and 3 without Roxy, the show was still awesome. Maybe Rainbow wanted Roxy to be a surprise? XD


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