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Hey guys, I was so busy these few days(watching anime) that I didn't have the time to update this blog, so I got to catch up on the Winx world! Firstly, Nickelodeon have added some new pages such as the Winx 101, videos, games and more on the Winx Club page!

I didn't see any Season 3 video on Youtube, so I guess someone would be uploading them a few days later :) I heard that Season 3 was exactly the same as Rai English's, except for the theme song, is that true? So disappointing :p Secondly, thanks to Winx Club Episodios, the Winx Italian magazine have came out featuring the Winx Club in Hallowinx outfits!!! XDDD
Kawaii! :3
Thirdly, thanks to Believe In Winx, Season 5 poster have been updated featuring Bloom's Sirenix wings! What do you think of it? I guess the size of the wings would be as big as Believix, there would be not much difference. 
Last but not least, I have updated TWCT and repaired the hits counter! I hope you guys like the Winter layout! You may think, so early?! Well, I would be going on vacation soon and also will be shifting, so I decided to be early! =)


  1. It's not EXACTLY like Rai English. The dialogue is better written, but it's still all true to the original!

  2. cool, now I know that I'm not missing much when it comes to the nickelodeon version of the winx club.

  3. I think season 3 is coming to Asia somewhere in march since the 2nd special is only coming next month!


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