Did Nick forgotten something?!

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Thanks to Believe In Winx, watch this video(the video was mirrored):

Urgh, apparently, Nickelodeon "forgotten" Charmix, and Season 3 is based on Magic Winx and Enchantix again. Now I get it. The Nickelodeon version is the same with the Rai English and 4kids version. Very easy, just changing the voice. Nick seems to have a very easy time with Season 3.


  1. I so agree! But they are busy with season 5/6 so I think they wanted to take a shortcut!

  2. The Nick version is great! I'm glad they used the rai english transformation song :D

  3. after the regular season 2, Charmix was compelely forgotten in the next original episodes of seasons 3 and 4.

  4. "Magic Winx" isn't the transformation name. It's called Charmix. They just went back to having them say "Magic Winx" instead of "Magic Winx Charmix."


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