Too Many Season 5 Pics and Hints!!!

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I back and in case you didn't read the chatbox below or in Winxified Love, I was on holiday from Monday to Friday. Torturing. :p And Winx Club would be in Singapore on Friday, 7.00pm! Yeah! XD Okay. Back to the point. Anyways, thanks to WinxForeverF, here's a video of Musa's and Bloom's Sirenix!

And here's a screenshot of Musa and Bloom!

Sadly, Musa got covered by clothes. :( And here are other pictures of Season 5 by Fantazyme and CoolcatFlora!!!

What do you think? And, I was typing "Winx Sirenix", when I saw this on a post from Believe In Winx in 2009 showing this picture.
Shucks. Right in front of our eyes, Sirene. Was Iginio Straffi trying to hint us? *sigh*

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  1. I thought it was at 5pm? I mean nick has been previewing winx slot more than before now and the trailers all said 17:00... Oh and nice fan art!


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