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I haven't been online for a while... Sorry! 0.o" And, Happy New Year 2012! It's a new year, so TWCT needs to have some rules and resolutions! You can also suggest some too! Everytime a resolution have beem fufiled... I would go back to this post and cancel it out! Here goes...

-Nobody is allowed to comment using another person's name(in other words, impersonating)
-Making a email like thewinxclubtimes@gmail.com(there's no such thing, I think) and pretending to be us is not allowed!
-No spamming the comments, like: "WINX CLUB ROX! LOLOLOLOLOLOL <3"
-I'm not tolerating comments like this: "YOU B****! Why did you steal ___?!"
-No spamming, making rude chats and personating someone on the chatbox.

-Have 15000 hits
-Have 33 followers
-Have more than 1 staff
-Have at least 1 comment in every post

Suggest? And, Winx News, I saw your comment on my post here, and here's my reply: In case you didn't read, I said I "found". I didn't say "it was mine". It's drawn by Fantazyme, I acknowledge that. If you see the post now, I have creditted. Thanks for reminding me! I'm always forgetting! But sorry, I have not stole it.


  1. While here's the one comment you wanted for this post! You already have more than 1 staff and you are going to complete the other resolutions soon!

  2. Hopefully by next year! Nah, I mean more than 1 new staff! XD


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