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I don't really know whether I have any interest in Winx Club anymore. I'm seriously very busy, making graphics, managing blogs and writing stories. I'm really buried with homework everyday, I don't know whether I should continue this blog. I guess I should I pass this blog on to Joyce and Erica. I'm so sorry, I'm only coming back in October. Maybe things will change, you would forget me and all. If I don't come back, I just want to thank you guys for supporting, following the blog and commenting. This blog gave me many new friends, I will never forget it. Maybe sometimes if I have the time, I will drop in. I have seen some of my very good friends on the net go, I always feel disappointed, I never realised that I would be like them.  I maybe even chat with you on via email. I will get back to this situation maybe TWCT 1st birthday.Hopefully Season 5 would get me on again. See ya.
 ~Brandeline(Maybe next time I'll be changing my whole identity and start other Anime blogs)


  1. :( You know, I've been feeling the same way. I feel like I'm so busy with blogging and other things, that it almost takes the fun out of blogging. But I'm still going to do it. Even though I'm into other animies, such as Shugo Chara and Tokyo Mew Mew, it doesn't distract me from the show I love the most: Winx Club. And you know, even if you quit with this blog, be proud of what you've started. You have a me, a frequent visitor, and nearly 30 followers. (My blog only has 10 followers)So, hopefully I will be able to comment here again with a post made by you.

  2. Brandeline! You seriously can't quit, at least check in once a month! You started this blog and it's a success because you were here!

  3. hey brandi... i heard. i just feel this is partly my fault. I haven't been posting, replying, anything. I do feel as if I was leaving everything to you, and i'm still going to (not in a bad way, just keep reading) i'm going to let you decide what your going to do. My last stinkin' post was from a month and two days ago. The only reason i stopped is because i've been made fun of. But you are right, education comes first. Remember, your choice.


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