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Fine, everyone?:D Wah, TWCT's 1st b'day passed and go... I'm sorry I haven't been here, studying and been on Facebook, and wait -going to 20000 views?! Thank you and my birthday is coming! Woo hoo!(28 May :p) Haiz... I have thought it through and I guess after my major exam I'm gonna make a new anime site with my real life friends. You can join it too, I will tell you guys more about it! See ya! Good luck to your exams, and so on! Brandeline~ PS Winx Club Season 5 is coming soon!


  1. You will make a new site with your real life friends?! i made a new site too with my real life friends and my little sister. the site is http://SparklyWinx.co.nr/

  2. Happy b-day! I've been waiting for you guys to post again!


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