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OKAY. I'm so going to change the header of the blog. Going. To. Okay, so... I couldn't bear to delete this blog.... I was looking at my previous posts and I was like, I can't do it... I totally can't. Rest assured, TWCT would be in back to normal in October after my examinations. Just that, well, you will never have that lame girl who always put weird things in her blog. I will employing more people to write here, as yes, a revamp is coming in your way... Oh, and new news for season 5. :D

Thanks to Dreamy Winx and BelieveinWinx...

A new video for Season 5 with... a horrible voicer, no offense. She freaked me out when I entered the link!
And a new(3rd) Trailer.

Plus... We get a sneak peek on the villian! Oh, and the very first title of the episode is "The Spill"... The 5th season is called "Beyond Believix", and it may start on the 26th of August!!! For Italian, it will air on 23 October at 7.30 am, do watch out!

Thanks to Winx-fairies for the picture.
I hope my Blogger skills still remain, till then! Please comment.... PS. My changed username is Bran Chan from now on.

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