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OMG, I 'm so happy... I received an email that a site has entered my Top-site page and I clicked it and guess what? Full of Season 5 stuffies. :) Thanks to Beyond Believix for these!


And here is the Season 5 transformation video. :))
And the screenshots...

To be truthful, I hate Stella's hair. :p Read some spoilers... do you want me to tell you what happened? Okay, never mind. You will probably kill me for this. =.= If you want to know happened, watch it. :D


  1. Brandeline, you're updating the blog again! Yay! i'm so happy you're back to update the blog. By the way, i think BeyondBelievix.blogspot.com is taken Timeja's fanart. The Bloom sirenix fanart on the right of the blog. Do you see it?

  2. Yes!!! I have seen it, I kinda suspected it, but I'm not sure Why not you ask the owner? I will try to!


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