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Yay, my prelim examinations are over! But... my important exams are coming... -.-" Anyway, how did you find Episode 1? Thanks to Joyce's previous post, I was able to watch it. I found it okay... Just I'm not really used to the Trix voices. =( Thanks to BelieveInWinx, do watch the opening. Though a bit too short, it's kind of... like those current pop songs, I don't know! :)

By the way, the rumours were wrong: it wasn't called the Spill, it was actually the Lilo. /EDITED:The Spill is actually the name for episode 2./ Nick have added some pictures to their site on Season 1, check it out!

How did you feel about our new look? Our background picture is thanks to Nick's website! And I like the banner. Tell me how you feel about it. Thanks you...


  1. I love the new look. I really like the banner. What program do you use to made it?

  2. Thank you! I used Pixlr and Gimp to make it...

  3. I love downloading shows so since this particular user always uploads shows on his site and his youtube account I managed to find it! I found the links for all the specials and Season 3-4 as well. I am going to post them in a short while with info in episode two!

  4. Cool updates & great site ;)


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