Episode 2 The Spill

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       I'm back with the link for episode 2.Sorry for the long delay but I couldn't find it before. One more thing, there is no YouTube version only download.

Link to download:

At the Frutti Music Bar, the Winx announce a concert on the beach the following day. Roxy reveals she got accepted into Alfea. Bloom, Flora and Tecna notice an oil rig in the ocean with a mass amount of smoke coming out, although Tecna confirms there are no leaks, but Bloom decides to keep an eye out. When the Specialists arrive on Earth, Sky (with a new haircut) plans to give Bloom, the Pendant of Eraklyon, which is to bring good luck and happiness together to the ruler of Eraklyon and his true love for the rest of their lives. The Specialists arrive at the Frutti Music Bar and most of the Winx are excited to see them. except Aisha who is still missing Nabu. In the kingdom of the Oceans of Andros, Aisha waits for her cousin, Tressa to send her live feed to the coronation where Aisha's Uncle Neptune will pick one of his twin sons, Nereus or Tritannus to be crowned king. Most of the citizens of the Oceans of Andros believe that Nereus will be chosen as the new king, which Tritannus is not happy about. Thus, King Neptune announces Nereus as the new king. A masked Tritannus interrupts the crowning ceremony by attacking the king and Nereus and attempts to kill Nereus. When the king and Tritannus begin fighting each other, Tritannus's mask falls off and the identity of the attacker is revealed. King Neptune has the guards escort Tritannus into the dungeons. Back on Earth, a strange boom goes off and it is revealed that the oil rig in the ocean is on fire. Flora senses that oil is spilling into the ocean. The Winx transform into their Believix forms. The Winx and the Specialists begin to rescue the workers on the burning oil rig. Tecna uses a spell to collect the oil, then deletes it. Flora attempts to use a spell to stop oil coming from the pipes, but they burst and more oil begins to leak. Aisha uses a spell to maker her breathe underwater, she finds something is wrong with her wings and has trouble getting to the bottom of the ocean. The boss of the oil rig is the last one on the rig, when he begins running towards Sky, he trips and falls until Sky catches his hand, then the Pendant of Eraklyon he was planning to give to Bloom falls into the oiled ocean, he loses control of his vehicle and both him and the boss are about to fall into the ocean, until Bloom saves Sky from falling. Aisha uses her power of Morphix to try and stop the underwater pipes from leaking more oil and saves the boss who is smothered in oil and brings him back to the surface. The Winx use a convergence spell to create a new eco-friendly oil rig, but Flora reminds them there is still oil in the water spreading out in the ocean. Bloom announces a plan to have the concert, a benefit concert to raise funds to protect the Earth's oceans and Gardenia's beaches. Back in the kingdom of the Oceans of Andros, the guards throw Tritannus into prison and the prisoners next to his cell, the Trix introduce themselves to him. 


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